"Our vision is to meet the need for quality residential care and services for the aged and frail members of the community."


Our Mission is to recognise and meet the expanding needs of the community with regard to levels of care for the elderly. Our Mission is to provide services to meet the different levels of care needed and promote the ongoing growth of these services. We aim to achieve the provision of quality residential care in a home like environment together with supplying services for the aged and frail in the wider regional community in alliance with existing services. The care provided is to be flexible and responsive to each individual person, preserving independence and enhancing a lifestyle amenable to each individual resident or client in an atmosphere which acknowledges these needs, whether they be physical, emotional, cultural or spiritual.


  • Those who live at Touriandi Lodge shall be referred to as ‘Residents”
  • A safe, comfortable and homely environment is provided for residents.
  • Residents shall be encouraged to make decisions and enjoy a full and meaningful life.
  • Residents shall have the right to choose the activities in which they will participate.
  • Residents shall have input into Touriandi Management.
  • Residents shall be addressed by their preferred title
  • Residents shall be encouraged to do as much as possible for themselves.
  • Residents shall be given the opportunity to attend functions and church services in the community.
  • Staff attitudes shall demonstrate a genuine concern for the well being of the residents.
  • Staff shall respect residents’ privacy and dignity.
  • Staff shall respect spiritual and cultural beliefs of the residents.
  • Staff shall have a safe working environment and access to training and education resources.
  • We develop and maintain a close relationship between Touriandi and the wider community.
  • We strive to exceed legislative standards and offer a continually improving level of care.

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