Room Services

Linen, towels & toilet paper are provided. Rooms are cleaned once a week by cleaning staff. Residents are free to be involved with the cleaning of their room if they are able to do so. Laundry and ironing services are provided. Items of clothing will be clearly marked. The Laundry, kitchen and servery is out of bounds to the residents.  Dry cleaning of personal clothing can be arranged at the residents’ expense. Clothes lines are not permitted on verandahs. Clothes airers/horses are acceptable. Management requests that some form of protection must be used under pot plants in resident’s rooms. Maintenance staff will install picture hooks on request.

Electrical Appliances

Electrical appliances such as kettles, toasters and microwaves are not permitted in residents’ rooms. Media e.g. Audio cassette/tape recorder, radio, television are acceptable. Refrigerators are only permissible at the discretion of Management. The use of electric blankets is discouraged.  All electrical items are tagged by an accredited electrician on an annual basis and when new items are purchased.

On entry Touriandi will organize the inspection and tagging of all electrical items bought in by the new resident. Residents or families need to inform the facility if they have new electrical items. The use of double adaptors in resident rooms is prohibited. Use of a Hot Water Bottles is not permitted due to safety factors with boiling water and OH&S requirements. Heat packs are provided to each resident as needed.


Each room has its own telephone.  Rental of $20.00 (GST inclusive) is payable each month to the facility, plus the cost of calls at standard rates. 

Room Maintenance

Replacement of light bulbs, small carpentry jobs, and picture hooks installation is carried out by a maintenance person.


Residents in the Jacaranda wing are permitted to cultivate and maintain small garden plots adjoining their rooms and tend to their own pot plants.  The Gardener is available to assist when necessary.  Involvement in community Garden Club activities is encouraged.  Residents in Willow wing have access to a secure garden with a pleasant out look


Please speak to the manager about your situation.  


Touriandi Lodge is a non smoking zone.  Visitors are encouraged to smoke away from facility grounds.

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