Three meals a day are provided, plus morning and afternoon tea.

Breakfast - 8.00am   
Morning Tea - 10.30am
Lunch - 12.30pm
Afternoon Tea - 3.30pm                   
Dinner - 6.00pm

Meals are served in the Communal dining areas  but residents may have meals in their own rooms if temporarily unable to go to the dining room. Family and / or representatives and friends are welcome to dine with the resident for a small fee.  Morning and afternoon teas are complimentary.

Meals are planned on a rotational basis each month and special dietary requirements are catered for. The menus are endorsed and reviewed by a Dietitian. Resident’s likes and dislikes are always considered. Barbeques and social gatherings are organised to give variety. Touriandi Lodge has an effective food safety program in place which is endorsed by an independent certified consultant and is licensed to service meals to ‘Vulnerable people in the Community’. We operate under the guidelines of the NSW Food Authority with audits conducted by this authority annually. In line with our requirements to meet standards families/visitors wishing to bring items of food into the resident need to speak to staff to determine the most effective manner in which to transport these items.
It is necessary at all times for families or representative to inform Staff when a resident chooses to be out for a meal or away from the facility for a period of time.  

A fruit basket is available to residents at all times located in the dining room.

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