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Touriandi Lodge — Costs

As of 1 July 2014, there is a new costing structure for
aged care, providing three options of payment for accommodation. Above this,
there is a Rental Fee which at the 1st of July 2016 is $45.84.

Residents will have the option to pay a RAD (Residential
Accommodation Deposit - previously known as a bond) or a DAP (Daily
Accommodation Payment - previously known as the accommodation charge), or a
combination of both RAD & DAP.


RAD: A refundable deposit paid as a lump sum amount. The
maximum refundable accommodation deposit at Touriandi Lodge is $290,000. This
is an absolute maximum figure and may be less depending on the individual's
financial assessment, as discounts can apply.


DAP: A daily accommodation payment is an amount calculated by converting the refundable accommodation deposit into a daily charge using the maximum permissible interest rate (MPIR) applicable at the time of admission. for example fortnightly/monthly. 


Combination: Includes both a partial lump sum and a daily


An example: A combination of a 50% RAD and 50% DAP at Touriandi


Example RAD % = 50


Example RAD $ = $145,000


Example DAP % = 50


Example DAP $ = $22.92


Terms and Conditions (RAD & DAP):


A RAD or DAP is only applicable if a client has assets
exceeding $48,500. (subject to change March and September every year.) The
default option is a DAP, and it starts from the date of entry into the
facility. But you do have 28 days to decide which option works for you.


The basic fortnightly rental at Touriandi Lodge is 85% of
the full Aged Pension. Additional payments are determined by the Department of
Health & Ageing according to a person’s income.


Any extra fees?


Residents should factor in other costs they are likely to
incur, which are outside of the responsibility of Touriandi Lodge, such as:

  • Pharmaceutical Costs
  • Phone Bills
  • Travel Fees outside of Bingara
  • External services e.g hairdresser


 Further Information

For more Government information about Aged Care, you can
go to the My Aged Care Website at


Fees cover full board, all meals, toiletries, electricity, room cleaning, laundry and most recreational activities.




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