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Additional Information for Residents and Relatives

  • The Residents’ welfare is of the utmost priority and we pride ourselves on having an open door policy. You are always welcome to contact the facility (preferably during office hours) to discuss any matters that may be of concern to you, likewise arrangements can be made to have formal meetings ( case conference)  with visiting professionals e.g. Aged Care assessment representative, Dietitian, etc. To ensure that the resident feels comfortable and is agreeable with any meeting taking place, the resident will be consulted prior to making any arrangements.
  • Residents are to report any accident, injury, illness or other urgent matters as soon aspossible to the Care Manager or staff member on call at the time
  • In the event of sudden illness, the Care Manager or on-duty staff members may engage medical, nursing or ambulance assistance at the residents’ expense and in the event of an emergency, authority is given for the resident to be taken to a public or private hospital at the resident’s expense.
  • The residents nominated person will be contacted on all occasions when a resident becomes ill or has been transferred out of the facility.
  • Any property belonging to the facility that requires maintenance should be reported to the staff member on duty as soon as possible.
  • Once a resident has moved into their accommodation within the facility, it will be regarded as his/her home for as long as needed. Room changes would only occur if care needs necessitated this and only with the recommendation of the Manager and in consultation with staff.
  • If you have a nominated ‘Power of Attorney’ to assist with your finances a copy of this will be required to keep on file.  
  • If you have appointed an ‘Enduring Guardian’ could you please provide a copy of this document so as it can be kept in your file.

Note: It is strongly recommended that you appoint a ‘Power of Attorney’ and an ‘Enduring Guardianship’.   If the situation arises where you are unable to make decisions on your own behalf and these documents are not in place it
may be necessary to appoint a ‘person responsible’ or the Guardianship Board can act on your behalf.  If you have not
already done this the Board of Management encourages residents to contact a Solicitor to have these documents prepared. 
This ensures the appropriate level of care for the resident.

  • Advanced Care Directives- Medical practitioners are referring to these documents on alloccasions whereby a resident has ongoing chronic and acute needs. An Advanced Care Directive is a statement regarding your wishes for your own future healthcare. We strongly encourage new residents to complete these forms inconversation with their medical practitioner. Touriandi has available documents for direction with Advanced Care Directives. 
    • It is encouraged by staff that residents who are deemed high risk wear hip protectors and/or other necessary protective items.  The cost of these items is the responsibility of the residents.  Items such shin pads, elbow guards etc are supplied by the facility.
    • There is a light weight wheel chair available for families to use when taking their resident on an outing; this can be arranged through staff. 
    • It is necessary for all items of clothing to be clearly labelled on admission. A fee of $40 per 100 labels will be charged.   All care is taken with items when being laundered.     
    • As part of our Continuous Improvement Program, Touriandi Lodge has monitoring systems in place to ensure that the resident’s well-being is a priority. The manager and staff conduct in-house auditing regularly enabling us to identify areas that need improving and quality care to the residents. Policies and Procedures are in place for the staff to follow. Under the Department of Social Services and the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency, Touriandi must meet all guidelines set by the department and the Agency for continued accountability and certification.

Motorised Mobility Aids

Use of a wheel chair is permitted when mobility is limited. Motorised vehicles (Gophers) are permitted for use outside
the building. An assessment will be carried out prior to use of the aid at the facility and town areas, for the best interest of the residents and the facility. A policy and procedure booklet will be given to the resident using a Gopher.  There are external power points conveniently placed around the facility. 


Preferably family/representatives are encouraged to provide transport for the resident; however, the facility vehicles
are available for staff or volunteers to transport residents to community functions and medical appointments, if necessary and as needed.  A fee is charged for out of town appointments.

Residents’ Meeting

Resident meetings are held monthly, meetings minutes are documented and kept. All residents are invited to attend and be actively involved.  Residents are encouraged to make suggestions, and contribute to discussion on aspects of life within the facility. The meeting is conducted by the Recreational Officer and attended by the Manager. 

 Communications with Families/Representatives

  • Newsletters bi-monthly
  • Invitations related to specific functions
  • Assistances with fundraising
  • One on One meetings with families can be arranged on request

Voting at Local/State and Federal Government Elections

While some residents may choose to visit the local polling booth during elections, an ‘in-house’ polling booth is
normally arranged by the Australian Electoral Commission prior to Election Day.  Postal voting is another option
which can be organised.


Each room has its own telephone.  Rental of $20.00 (GST inclusive) is payable each month to the facility, plus the cost of calls at standard rates. 

Room Maintenance       

Replacement of light bulbs, small carpentry jobs, and picture hooks installation is carried out by a maintenance


Jacaranda Wing- All residents are permitted to cultivate and maintain small garden plots adjoining their rooms
and tend to their own pot plants and this practice is encouraged. The Gardener is available to assist when necessary. Residents who have an interest in gardening are encouraged to participate; we are always opened to ideas.

Willow Wing- This wing provides a well set out and picturesque garden in a secure environment. This garden has easy access for residents it is well maintained. This area is designed to accommodate plants and flowers that appeal to the
senses. Residents are encouraged to access the garden as much as they wish as well as be actively involved.   


Residents are strongly advised to insure room contents (including personal effects, money and valuables) against loss or
damage at their own expense. Insurance should be sufficient to cover replacement costs of contents. Touriandi Limited accepts no responsibility for damage to or loss of any residents’ property.


We are fortunate that volunteers bring their pet from time to time to visit the residents in the facility. With new
residents every situation is looked at individually and we appreciate the fact that pets play an important role in people’s lives. Requests would be considered. Small birds and fish maybe accepted with the understanding that the
family will clean their home. Family may bring a pet with them when they come to visit however it must always be on a lead and supervised.


Touriandi Lodge is a non-smoking zone however depending on the resident’s situation arrangements can be put into
place to accommodate some circumstances. Visitors are encouraged to smoke away from facility grounds.

Fire Alarms

A modern fire alarm system is installed throughout the facility including sprinklers throughout the whole facility.  New residents are informed on entry of the procedures.  Fire drills are conducted annually.  All residents will be advised when this will occur and procedures to be followed. Staff have compulsory annual training and are familiar with all evacuation procedures and follow the Fire Evacuation Plans and Procedures. Fire safety equipment is tested regularly and monthly
maintenance tests are carried out by an accredited contractor. (Contractor-Armidale Fire Safety). All rooms and areas throughout the facility have smoke detectors.

Evacuation Plan

In case of an emergency, Touriandi Lodge has an Evacuation Plan in place. There are 2 designated emergency assembly
points one at the front of the facility and one on the northern side. Floor plans are situated in the front foyer, both entries in the Jacaranda wing as well as external entry in the Willow wing. Staff are regularly updated with evacuation drills. The members of the local fire brigade make a point of keeping up to date with the layout of the facility and ensure continuity through their training and drill sessions. In the event of an evacuation being imminent all safety precautions are followed
and assistance from professional services are sort. Families will be informed of the situation and where the evacuation point is.  

Noise Levels

Residents are requested to keep noise levels to a minimum e.g. when watching television. There are a number of audio
friendly devices that can accessed for the hearing impaired.


Privacy Amendment (Privacy Sector) Act 2014

In order for Touriandi to provide residents with the quality care/services outlined above, this organisation collects from you as a resident, particular personal information. A consent form to collect, use and disclose personal information for the purpose of providing residential aged care is required to be signed on entry.

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