Other Services

Recreational Activities

A range of activities are offered by the Recreational Officer to residents five days a week. Friends and families are most welcome to participate. Touriandi Lodge has a wide circle of volunteers, community involvement is greatly appreciated by the residents, staff and board members. Musical entertainment is a regular feature. Communal lounges, Activity room, and outdoor entertainment areas provide the residents with a variety of environments. Outings, attending community functions, picnics etc are arranged and part of the recreational calendar.


We are fortunate to have the services of our local hairdressers who attend the facility every Friday or as required.  Appointments can also be arranged through the town salons if necessary.


Personal deliveries can be arranged on a daily basis through the newsagent. The Recreational Officer on behalf of the residents accesses the Local Shire Library, weekly. This includes large-print books and tapes, etc.


Incoming mail is collected daily and delivered to residents. Outgoing mail may be left for posting at reception.


Banking needs are met by residents or / and their families.

General Shopping

There is a “shop box” available at Touriandi Lodge for the residents to access toiletry items. Items are individually priced.   


Toilet paper, tissues, toothbrushes, toothpaste, bodywash and one use razors are provided by Touriandi Lodge. Incontinence Pads are supplied by Touriandi to High Level care residents.

Continence Program

A continence assessment is implemented for all residents.  An individual continence needs assessment is undertaken on admission, and is regularly reviewed by staff.  Staff through this process determines the type of continence aid required.  Low level residents are responsible for their own continence aid, and can be eligible for a government subsidy on application.  High care are provide by Touriandi Lodge.

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