Medical Care


Medication is administered by staff in consultation with the Manager, Care Manager, Medical Practitioner and the local pharmacist through the use of Dossett system (sealed units), it is only the Pharmacist that can make changes to these units with written authority from a Medical Practitioner. These items are stored in a locked medication trolley and accessible by specific staff only.  Authorized or restricted medications are stored in a safe and the usage is monitored. The costs of repeat prescriptions are the responsibility of the resident. Residents can only self medicate specified drugs such as analgesics if an assessment is carried out and at the discretion of a Medical Practitioner.  The local pharmacy is very obliging and you should contact them on entry to Touriandi to set up an account.


Residents requiring medical attention will have access to the Bingara Medical Centre & the Bingara MPS (multi purpose service) adjacent to the facility.   A doctor from the Bingara Medical Centre attends the facility weekly.  A facility car is available for transporting residents to the Doctors surgery if procedures are required.  Minor illness or injury will be treated on site. Where the condition necessitates more intensive care, transfer will be arranged to the necessary medical facility.  Transfer to Specialized appointments is the responsibility of families unless other arrangements are made, also if a Resident prefers to see a General Medical Practitioner out of town this is the responsibility of the family.  A nominal fee is charged to residents if requiring transport by use of the facility vehicles.


Physiotherapy referrals, appointments and assessments can be arranged and transport arranged if necessary.

Foot care/Podiatrist services

A Podiatrist visits the facility approximately every six weeks. (There may be some fees payable by residents if attendance at the podiatrist is excessive).

Community Health

The residents of Touriandi Lodge have access to the Community Health Nurses as the need arises.


There is a dental service available in Bingara every Tuesday. Arrangements can be made for residents to access other dentists out of town. Transport is the responsibility of the families unless other arrangements are made.

Hearing and Vision

On entry hearing & vision assessments are carried out on each resident.  If hearing and / or vision appointments are required appointments can be made to the relevant service.  Transport is the responsibility of the families unless other arrangements are made.   Batteries for hearing aids are obtained through the resident’s respective suppliers or local pharmacy; payments are the responsibility of each resident.

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