A ‘Request for Assets Assessment’ form needs to be completed by all before entry to Touriandi Lodge.  Residents assets are assessed by Centerlink or Department of Veteran Affairs (whichever applies) to determine if they enter as a supported or unsupported resident.  Information is available to perspective residents on enquiry with regard to the cost.

For admission to Touriandi Lodge as a ‘low care’ resident, payment of a refundable Accommodation Bond in addition to the normal daily care fee may be required.  Payment of a bond to Touriandi Lodge is to assist in the viability of the facility ensuring adequate levels of care for all residents.  An Accommodation Bond is payable if the resident had cash and assets over the minimum assets amount.  A monthly retention is kept by Touriandi Lodge from the refundable Accommodation Bond for maximum of 5 years.  The majority of the Bond is refunded to the resident when they leave the facility.

For admission as ‘high care ‘ an Accommodation Charge in addition to a normal daily care fee is required from all applicants who have cash and assets over the minimum asset amount

An interview can be arranged to explain and discuss the procedures.

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you and your families to seek professional advice in relation to the financial implications of entering an aged care facility.  Centrelink, your Accountant, Solicitor or Financial Advisor should be able to help you with your enquiries.  Each resident’s financial situation is unique and should be treated as such.

Criteria for Admission/Discharge

Current Commonwealth Government policy on admission to a subsidised Aged Care Facility requires places to be allocated on a needs basis. Access to Touriandi Lodge Aged Care Facility is subject to an assessment carried out by the Aged Care Assessment Team and cannot be guaranteed.

All perspective residents are required to complete an expression of interest form. This form is available from the office at Touriandi Lodge.  Each perspective resident is assessed on a “priority of need” basis. To make this decision the selection committee of Touriandi Lodge seeks input from the aged care assessment team, medical practitioner and health professionals.   

A  Resident Agreement is signed by both parties on entry. Termination conditions apply as per the Resident Agreement.

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